WILLS and Probate

We can assist you with the preparation of a WILL so that what you want to happen with your estate is clear.

What is needed?

Your full name, address & occupation.

First alternative:

  1. Who you want to be the executor or person responsible after your death of the Will.(This can be more than 1 person).
  2. Who are to be the beneficiaries and what are they to be given.


Second alternative:

  1. If the Executor has died, who is to replace them.
  2. If the Beneficiaries have died, who is to replace them.


Third alternative:

  1. What is to happen if the Executor and or beneficiary in the second alternative should predecease you - if necessary.
  2. You may wish to appoint Testamentary Guardians for your young children.
  3. You can say anything you wish and even make Directions to the Executor as to how and where you are to be buried, what is to go on your headstone, whether your body is to be given to science and so on.

As you can see there are many possibilities and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.


The preparation and filing of an Application for Probate of a Will in the Supreme Court of New South Wales may be necessary where a person has died and left a property or home that needs to be transferred to another person (and a Transfer registered in the Land Titles Office) or has left substantial other assets held by the bank or Public Trustee or Protective Commissioner.

Often in these situations you will need the Court to grant the Probate document in the order that the assets or home can be properly transferred.

We can assist you in this regard and you will need to bring to us details of the persons death, their assets and details of any Will, or if no Will, then details of the persons spouse and relatives so that the proper beneficiaries can be identified.

In some instances there may be no need for a formal Application to be made, although each situation should be looked at separately.

If you have any questions about WILLS or Probate matters, contact us or call us today.


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